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Dobies Outlines Priorities to Fix Jackson Roads, Announces Town Hall to Solicit Community Input
Residents can submit ideas, sign petition at

JACKSON – Today Jackson Vice Mayor Derek Dobies outlined his priorities for fixing Jackson roads, while launching a new website and announcing a town hall meeting to solicit ideas and feedback from Jackson residents.

“Jackson families need good roads so we can take our kids to school and get to work safely without busting an axle or blowing a tire,” said Dobies. “But right now Lansing just isn’t getting the job done, and our roads are getting worse every single day. Jackson needs real long-term solutions to finally start fixing our crumbling roads. My top priorities are to develop a stable revenue source that doesn’t require families to shoulder the cost alone, to require that our roads get fixed by well-trained Michigan construction workers with strong, enforceable warranties that protect taxpayers, and using sustainable construction practices to make sure our roads get fixed right the first time.”

On the new website,, residents and small business owners can sign a petition urging the Mayor and City Council to make road funding a top priority, demand that a long-term road funding plan is developed and enacted, and submit their ideas for improving Jackson’s infrastructure.

Dobies also is planning a town hall meeting that will include a panel discussion with local economists and road building experts. The event is open to the public, and will take place at 6-7:30pm on Wednesday, August 9th at St. John’s United Church of Christ.

“Rebuilding our infrastructure will jumpstart our economy, help revitalize our neighborhoods and downtown, and create good-paying jobs for Michigan workers,” said Dobies. “We need to get this done, and get it done right. That’s why it’s so important to hear directly from Jackson residents about their ideas, because nobody has all the answers. This is a tough problem to solve, but I’ve never been afraid to tackle the tough issues.”

Since Dobies was elected in 2011, the City Council has allocated over $47.8 million to road funding. As Vice Mayor, Dobies spearheaded innovative solutions to right-size city infrastructure by narrowing some streets and using more affordable materials and strategies to reduce costs and stretch road reconstruction dollars.

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